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Which Organizer features on S60 5th.ed?

  • Where can I look which features of QOrganizer are supported on S60 5th.ed?
    I thought that categories are supported in the form of collections, but I get always false on manager->saveCollection( collection );

    Thanks for any hint

  • Hi,

    The documentation for which engines support what certainly needs improvement. Please file a bug for this.

    In regards to your question about collections, it appears that the Symbian engine does support collections, however it is possible that on Symbian S60 5.0 and earlier, only the default collection is supported. If you wish to categorize items, one possibility to to use QOrganizerItemTag details (if that detail is reported as supported by the engine, at least...)

    The code in the Symbian plugin (::saveCollectionL()) has:

    // the real save collection code

    I don't know whether this is a technical limitation or a decision to reduce complexity / maintenance burden of S60 5.0 (and earlier) code. If you need this feature, please file a suggestion in JIRA. If it gets enough votes, it may be roadmapped and delivered in future versions of Mobility.


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