• How to have a a virtual keyboard with qt?

  • which is the platform you are targeting for and which SDK do you use?

  • it is for touchscreen

    its on linux platform

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  • If you are using Qt Quick, check the CLKeyboard Component [projects.forum.nokia.com] included on Colibri (Qt Quick COmponent LIBRary)

    !http://realnorth.net/share/ColibryKeyboardDemo.png(CLKeyboard Component)!

  • @Paulo:Am not using it.Am a beginner in Qt so help me out with the tips and tricks that could help me out to create a dialpad.

    Thank you

  • Well... in principle, it is not much more than a grid with some buttons, right? So... perhaps a QGridLayout and a bunch of QPushButtons should get you started?

    If this is not what you're looking for, you should rephrase your question to try to make it clear to us what you're after, what you have tried so far, and what it is exactly that you need help with. Of course, also make clear what device (series) you are targeting.

  • I tried using designer and creator with the principle you have given but am confused whether I should connect every button to the lineEdit to display the keypressed or is it fine to use buttongroup?
    Anyway I tried both but to get the data of every key pressed how could I call a single function for that or should I include the line of code to update my lineEdit for everykey pressed?
    Presently am using it on linux platform and later want to cross compile to the required target.

    Please help.

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  • Look into QSignalMapper. It allows you to map argument signals from many sources to a single signal with an argument (like the value the button represents).

  • @Andre:Thank You I will check it out.

  • Sorry I could not do that..

  • You could not do what exactly? Check out QSignalMapper? And why not? And is this still a problem then, or not?

  • Using designer form I created a bunch of pushbutton in a grid layout but,to map the signal to the slot again I need to edit the button numbers or match with Ui form.
    Is there any other simpler way in which I could implement the keyboard?

  • There are examples enough to use. Even in Qt there is an example (calculator) that you could leverage. Even the way you do it now is simple enough that you can have this working in under 20 lines of code. How easy do you need it to be?

  • Thank You

  • [quote author="Revu" date="1298978718"]@Andre:Thank you for your support but,one request please be polite to me.

    You're wasting peoples time with comments like this:

    bq. Sorry I could not do that.. :(

    So, step back and think about yourself before crying!

  • Here is the code to create a button with the digits(found in calculator example)
    @ for (int i = 0; i < NumDigitButtons; ++i) {
    digitButtons[i] = createButton(QString::number(i), SLOT(digitClicked()));

    to create buttons with alphabets,I tried using QString::QChar ch in place of QString::number(i).Is that right way to proceed further or any other idea?

  • Hi, I posted a reply to a similar question in the Qt Center, see this "link":http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/31501-Making-a-KeyBoard-into-LCD-connected-with-the-ARM-board.how-can-i?p=149618&highlight=#post149618. I am using QGraphicsView with QGraphicsItems.

  • @QbelcorT:Thank you for that useful link.Can you provide me the source code for the same so that I can understand clearly about the class definition.

  • I made some modifications to the mainform.ui in the inputpanel example given qt4.The problem is that on lineEdit when I click the numberpad appears and it vanishes within a second.Please help me in this regard.

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