BeagleBone Black & absolute beginner in QT

  • I read until my eyes are RED! I still don't get it. Please show me where they exist, or tell me the steps to use for the BeagleBone Black (BBB), with Angstrom. If necessary, i can put another version of the OS on the BBB. I do need the 3d graphics, though.

    What I would like to do is cross-compile on the host PC and put whatever is necessary on the BBB to run standalone.

    I have these platforms I can use for the heavy lifting:

    1. Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit on a 6-core PC with 16 Gig of memory, and lots of disk space,
    2. Fedora, and
    3. laptop running Winblows 7 with i7 processor (8-way?), lots of RAM, and lots of disk space, with a 250Gb ssd.

    The end goal is using QT to tinker with the BBB and sensors, with pretty 3D OpenGL animated displays. :)

    I have been programming since 1977, with a preference for C and relational DBMS's, I have never used QT or programmed a true embedded/mobile system before.


  • Hi, I think BeagleBone is similar to Raspberry PI. I normally write the program using my Debian 7 machine and then, when the program is ready and tested on my machine, I use a QEmu machine to compile the program for Raspnerry PI (arm).
    If you want you can download a Qt program for Rasperry PI from my website.
    Which Linux distribution has BeagleBone? Debian too?

  • At the moment the BBB has the default Angstrom but it is fairly easy to chane (I hope!)

    I don't know how a program for the RPi will help while I'm still trying to figure out how to set up the entire QT environment.

    Thanks, though.

    In re-reading my original post I find I did not make that clear. I loaded QT 5.2 on the Ubuntu PC and onto the Winblows machine (at least I think it worked on the Windows laptop.) Not sure how to tell. Question is: now what do I do?

  • Sorry, which kind of business do you have with BBB?

  • BeagleBone Black. see original post.

  • Ok, sorry for my bad english.
    If you have a good project idea and you are looking for partnership please send me an email.


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