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Application without window decoration

  • Hi to all,

    Is possible to set an application (working as application in desktop environments) so this appear to the user like a widget, without windows decorations, or the only way to do this is to change this app in a widget ?

  • Do you mean , like setting the Qt::FramelessWindowHint flag?

  • Hi, it is possible, but I don't know. I'm totally new to this aspect of the application and seeing the class name it should be. Do you know where I can find some examples about ?


  • Hi,

    Qt::FramelessWindowHint is your friend.

    On windows, that means there is no border (--> no resize via mouse), no title, no min/max/close buttons, no sys menu, no title bar. This includes difficult behavior in the task bar (sys menu!) and that maximize means full screen (100% screen, no task bar etc).

  • Thank you very much!!!

    I try to setup this under QML then I post the answer. Soon this week the app should be under distribution.


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