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Cannot playback any video on embedded linux

  • I cross compiled Qt 5.2.1 for TI AM335x board using the toolchain provided by TI together with their SDK 6.00.00.

    Unluckily I am not able to reproduce any video in QML...

    The debug console tells:
    defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - "org.qt-project.qt.mediaplayer"

    Is there something that I am missing in cross-compilation? maybe some dependendencies?
    Can somebody help me in determining what I am missing?

    You can find "here": my cross-compilation configuration and "here": the full trace of messages produced by the application when setting the environment variable QT_DEBUG_PLUGIN

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    From the plugin log, it seems you only have the audio engine built. Do you have any other plugin in the same folder ?

    If not, do you have gstreamer built for your device ? If not, it's probably the reason you can't play videos

  • thanks for your time... I found out that my gstreamer-0.10 development package was not found during cross-compilation due to the fact that I was missing -sysroot in ./configure step... now I am cross-compiling again (it will take some hours) and I'll let you know if then I am able to play videos

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