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TableView cell showing data and image

  • Im new to QT so theres probably something that i am missing here, but i have created the following class

    // Log for database
    // DateTime, CurrentUser, LogType, Description

    LogModel::LogModel(QSqlDatabase database, QObject *parent)
    : QSqlRelationalTableModel(parent, database)
    connect(this, SIGNAL(rowsInserted(const QModelIndex&, int, int)), SIGNAL(countChanged()));
    connect(this, SIGNAL(rowsRemoved(const QModelIndex&, int, int)), SIGNAL(countChanged()));


    QVariant LogModel::data(const QModelIndex& idx, int role) const
    QVariant value= QSqlQueryModel::data(idx, role);

    // Column 1 is for icon
    if (idx.column()==1 && role==Qt::DecorationRole)
         QString iconstring = QString("%1").arg(;
         QIcon icon = QIcon(QPixmap(iconstring));
         value= icon;
      return value;


    in my main class I set the header data as follows

    if (m_logModel->lastError().isValid())
    return false;

    The problem i am having is that cell 1 is showing both the returned icon as well as the result from that database.
    what am i doing incorrect?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean that you get both the text from the database and the icon your are providing ? If so it's normal, the decoration doesn't hide the text.

    You would need to either not return the text when asks for the display role, add a QIdentityProxyModel that does that (keeps your model clean) or create a QStyledItemDelegate that doesn't paint the text.

    Hope it helps

  • Ill try that, i suppose thats why it comes across as data a second time but with a different role? can i just return null?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Yes you can, but are you sure you won't need it elsewhere ? That's why you should rather use QIdentityProxyModel or a custom delegate. Doing so your model will be easily reusable.

  • Yes, im not using this data for anything other than for logging purposes. I will look into QIdentityProxyModel though. thank you for your help

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