No svg plugin in static Qt

  • Hi. I've compiled Qt 5.2.1 as static, but there isn't any svg libs in 'C:\Qt\5.2.1_static\plugins\imageformats', so i can not build my code. I expected libqsvg.a and other libs to be there, but there is only libqico.a, libqicod.a, qico.prl, qicod.prl. Here is my config: configure -static -prefix "C:\Qt\5.2.1_static" -opengl desktop -nomake examples -nomake tests. How can i build Qt with svg plugin? Or i should build svg plugin separately?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The svg format is not supported trough an image plugin but the QtSVG module.

    You need to build it then add

    @QT += svg@

    in your pro file

  • Thanks, but my problem isn't solved.
    How can i build module for static linking? I've built it just with qmake and mingw32-make, and then copied files from
    "Qt\5.2.1\Src\qtsvg\mkspecs\modules" to "Qt\5.2.1_static\mkspecs\modules". Qt Creator finds module now, parsing is ok, but .exe file crashes at start. I think, my QtSvg build is for dynamic linking, but i'm not sure, and don't know how to make static one. Is it possible to build Qt including that module, maybe some instructions for configure step? It would be easier for me. Thank you again!

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    Did you got both dlls and lib files ?

  • Which files exactly? Where?

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    Qt5Svg.lib in your Qt\5.2.1_static\lib

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