Is it possible to use uPnP in a Qt Application?

  • Hello guys.
    I am completely new to Qt.
    I am working in a project in which we required to stablish a connection between our Qt application and another device. So far we were able to create a socket connection between two threads (we looked at an example of the QAbstractSocket class. But after we looked at this example I was thinking if it could be possible to use uPnP, so we don't need to take care of the ip configuration and therefore any Qt application could connect to any of our devices easily.

    Any hint is pretty much well apretiated.
    Thanks in advance!


  • Qt is "just" a bunch of c++ libraries in the end, so you can use any other 3rd party UPnP c/c++ lib without much problems in most cases. Just saying even if Qt cannot do everything there might be other libs you can integrate.

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