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[Solved] I cant use "auto" keyword in Qt 5.1.2 into Ubuntu

  • Hi.

    Im trying to develope in Qt (IDE and GUI) but all the time im found problems and now the actual problems is the type "Auto" defined in C++ 11.

    Now, i have typing the keyword auto for declare a iterator and in the time of debug the solution, Qt set me a problem:

    "auto" changes the meaning in C++ 11; please dont use it.

    Somebody can help me?

  • Hi Charlie_Hdz,

    Did you add -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 in Qt Creator project settings?

    C++11 is not activated by default in Qt Creator.

  • Hi Eddy.

    I did it and works

    I add in .pro of the project CONFIG += c++11 and works.

    Thanks you :)

  • Great

    Could you mark the thread as [Solved] please?

    happy coding

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Just a little trick, when writing a post with pro file content also use the coding tags e.g.

    @CONFIG += c++11@

    Otherwise it's likely to get misinterpreted by the current text engine used. Your's look like CONFIG = c+11 even if it's written correctly.

  • Thank you very much SGaist and Eddy i solved the problem; now if dont is to much trouble for you all, you can help me in the next link:

    I have Qt to Linux and Windows and the both case i have too much troubles about complier and debugger.

    The next problem is about the watch of local variables in debug mode.

    The debugger only show me a changed value, for example:

    i declare a unsigned long long and i expect a value in the watch such:


    but the debugger only show :


    What should i need do?

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