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QT and OpenGL for OSX

  • I have been doing OpenGL programming now for several years and I am interested in using QT to improve my tool pipeline. But I have questions.

    I have written a Mac OSX 3D Editor using cocoa that hosts my OpenGL Engine. My cocoa 3D editor uses the exact same engine I use on IOS and Android with little modification between OSX, IOS and Android.

    Now, enters QT. I am interested in writing Plugins for Autodesk Maya 2014. I would like to use QT as the GUI interface, but leave the OpenGL rendering to my engine. (This means everything, loading textures, compiling shaders, creating VBO's, etc) This is important because I want to preview my art assets the way they will be rendered with my engine. And I only want to maintain one basic engine.

    I was Just browsing over the OpenGL cube demo. And I see a lot of openGL calls that have been customized to take QT parameters. So, my question is, can I still directly call the native OpenGL calls without the QT wrappers?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can use pure OpenGL code with Qt without any problem. Qt's OpenGL module helps to unify the access to the various OpenGL implementation of all the OS supported, but there's no restriction to use native calls.

  • Thank you for your response. That is excellent news.

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