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Write in html file from qt

  • hello

    help me please i want to write in the body of this html file from qt so it means that i want to write in a textedit and by cliking on a button the html will be opned and the text that i wrote will be appear in this file i hope that you interstand what i mean because i know that’s my English is very bad

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    You can use QTextEdit for the text edition and QFile to write the content of the QTextEdit to a file.

    A QPushButton to call a slot where you will write the file content and you should be good to go.

    On a side note, this question is not related to "Qt in education", please choose your sub forum more carefully

  • ok but i have any idea about this am very very nwer in programation if you can tell me what slot can i use or if you can please give me an example an very sorry but i really need to do this for my final study project

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    Then I would recommend going through Qt's examples and demos. They contain all you need to get your project done

  • ok thank you i should do it

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