Qt-android: How can I debug into a shared library?

  • Hi all, I use Qt5.2 android to develop android app, now I have an issue: I can debug into the source code of the main library but not for an extra library.

    For example, if I have an qt-andoird project named testAndroid and it use an extra shared library libExtra, I can debug into the source code in libtestAndroid.so, but I can't debug into the source code of libExtra.so. In fact, libExtra.so is also a library project created by qt-android using qtcreator. But the break point will not take effect in libExtra.so when I start debugging.

    Does anyone know how to solve this problem? thanks!

  • Hi! I have run into this same issue.

    Did you solved it in some way?
    Somebody out there knows how to solve this?


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