What is:Standby: Feature not supported Error

  • My project work on PC. but when I build and install it on E72 mobile (install OK), start app this error occur "Standby: Feature not supported".
    Old project (that work) difference the new project only one class: QFontMetrics.
    How to resolve this problem?

  • Looks like BC break to me. You compiled this on what? QtSDK 1.1, S60 5.0, Symbian^3 ?
    Be very clear what environment and if possible make a reduction to isolated test case and report it to bugreports.qt.nokia.com . Feature not Supported means missing function (simplified but..).

    If you have any integer division function calls (int a = b/3;) in your code comment them out and see if it helps.

  • Oh.. didn't see standby there. Are you trying to run your Qt code in homescreen? or have it in autostartup list..

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