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IOS Install App Overwrites Previous Data

  • I install my Qt iOS app. After the install the software tells the user to download some data required. It goes away and does that no problem.

    If for some reason, they decide to re-install the app (without deleting it), the previous data gets deleted.

    Do I just need to tell my users not to do that, and is that normal?

    If I increment the version number for the next build, will it allow the software to update without destroying the data?

    I have had a good look through the previous questions and cannot find anything.

    Thanks, Carl

  • Where you save the app data ??
    The Documents folder with all its content is preserved during re-installation and updates of the app. So, I suspect your are writing in a different place.

  • I save the app data in:


    then create a folder with my appname. I have found the problem, when the app gets installed or updated, it gets a new folder name e.g.


    I was saving the hardcoded path.

    Anyone got a clever way of doing this. Another problem is I want the same code to work for Android, which will allow the user to change to an SD card if needed.

    Thanks, Carl

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