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USB HID API for Android in Qt (C++)

  • Hey guys, I am pretty new in USB development so I apologise in advance if my questions sound stupid or I didn't explain my problem clearly enough. I have developed a simple Windows host app that would be communicating with a HID device, sending generic data. It works okay in Windows.

    The HID API library that I have been using can be found here:

    The problem is, the HID API given here only works for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. I am trying to deploy this app into an Android device, keeping in mind that this same app will be used in other platforms too (being cross platform is a must).

    My question is, is there any available HID API library for Android written in C++ online? If not, how would you approach this problem in general? I could have re-write this app in Android SDK, but that would defeat the purpose of being a multi platform app, and I don't have any experience in Android SDK.
    Thanks and have a good day!

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