Derive signals from base class? [Solved]

  • Hi,

    i basically have a base class that define a few signals of its own. I then want to use this class as a base for serveral other classes i plan to use in my project. the problem is when i try to use any of the signals in the base class in a derived class, i get compile errors saying "undefined reference to signalName." the errors go away if i redefine these signals in the derived classes but i don't want to do this.

    does Qt not allow inheritance of signals? i'll post a code example if need be.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Yes the signals can be emitted from subclasses. Please post your code example

  • Hi and thanks for the welcome. I think i managed to fix my problem, i ended up completely deleting the the files in my build folder as a way to force the complier to start over and that seem to have worked. the entire project now complies perfectly fine.

    i am curious as to why this would happen though. i have done several test builds before, i just always assumed the complier would update files that were changed. i guess it missed a few at some point.

  • Godmode99! Yes. It happens some time . So u have to use clean. Please tag it as a [Solved]. thanx.

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