Minimizing QT Application

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    I have got a problem. I want my application to minimize or run that process in background (Actually, this process only responds to touch). I have used QmlApplicationViewer for view purpose.

    I am sending a message Using IPC mechenism to move process in background. On getting Message, i am calling showMinimized() and showMaximized() functions.

    I have also installed event handler and in event handler, when i get the qevent ApplicationDeactivated, i am calling hide method for view.

    I am testing this code on ARM Board. The Problem is, on calling showMinimized(), process get minimize but and ApplicationDeactivated event is listen by the application and after few millisecond, it listen ApplicationActivate but QML Page are hidden. On touch, this process responds.

    event listening:
    qDebug(“Application Activated”);
    qDebug(“Application Deactivated”);
    if (view->isMinimized())
    { view->hide();

    Minimizing and Maximizing:

    if(iCmd == DIPO_MINIMIZE) {
    } else if(iCmd==DIPO_MAXIMIZE)

    Thanks for any kind of help..

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