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Tried to upgrade Qt SDK and Creator; now I have nothing?

  • I was using an old QtCreator with Qt 4.8.0, it was set up for MinGW and MSVC2008. I decided to update QtCreator and get the 4.8.5 SDK. I went to and downloaded the latest QtCreator, and the MinGW and MSVC2010 4.8.5 installers. I installed all 3.

    I ran QtCreator. There are no build configurations available for me to use. For some reason it doesn't know about the SDKs I just installed?

    So... now what?

  • I am noticing my old version had a folder named Desktop, and under that, folders named 4.8.0 and 4.7.4, and under that, msvc and mingw. Every version of Qt I installed got installed to that same place and they automatically appeared in QtCreator. My old version even came with its own mingw installation (although I have my own too).

    What happened? Did I download the wrong files or something? The files I just downloaded were separate QtCreator, MinGW 4.8.5, and MSVC 4.8.5, and they seem to be completely independent and unconnected to each other, where the previous version I had installed had a consistent directory structure and, of course, worked...

    There's also these separate components in the start menu; Designer, Assistant, etc. But when I run them nothing happens.

    I ran the QtCreator uninstaller and it had some package manager but when I tried to use it it said no repositories were configured.

    It appears that nothing I installed works.

  • I have not used Creator much, but recently installed the QtSDK. The full SDK installer behaves as you describe, with 'local' installations of MinGW and Qt versions, and it knows how to build 'kits' off of them. If you install Creator separately, you get only Creator, and you have to know how to build 'kits' to link to the 'external' installs of MinGW and Qt.

  • I see. I figured it was something like that. I could not find any SDKs though (Googling for them brought up that download page). Do you know if there is a 4.8.5 SDK available?

  • I have the enterprise license, so I downloaded from my customer portal. I dont know if the full SDK installer is available otherwise.....

  • Thanks. What I ended up doing was adding 4.8.5 to my existing old SDK and configuring my old QtCreator to have it as an option.

    Eventually I will want to set up a development environment from scratch. From what I gather, the following components are required:

    1. QtCreator Installer

    2. If MinGW desired:

    • Qt MinGW installer
    • MinGW (but not MSYS, right?)
    1. If MSVC desired:
    • Qt MSVC installer
    • Matching Visual Studio OR Windows SDK

    Is this correct? Is anything missing?

    And then for the kits; the QtInstaller always supplies qmake, and for MinGW, use MinGW's gcc and gdb, and for MSVC, use CL from the SDK and... what for the debugger? How does the debugger integrate into Qt; is there some kind of Qt Debugger for CDB, or does it invoke the Visual Studio debugger w/ GUI?

    (I actually don't have any experience with MS debugger integration into QtCreator; when I use the MSVC toolchain I usually just run it explicitly from the VS debugger, independently of QtCreator -- cumbersome but I don't use this toolchain a lot).


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    1. Should be done last

    2. Don't install any extra MinGW, the MinGW package provides it

    3. First install the matching Visual Studio / Windows SDK. Depending on the version you will also need the debugging tools. Then install Qt

    The MS debugger (once installed) is used directly inside Qt Creator

    Hope it helps

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    [quote author="JCipriani" date="1392771599"]Is this correct? Is anything missing?[/quote]Hi,

    It depends on whether you're using Qt 4 or Qt 5.

    With Qt 4.8.5 or earlier, you need to supply your own MinGW (with GCC 4.4). With Qt 5, the "Qt MinGW installer" includes MinGW (with GCC 4.8). Note that GCC 4.4 and GCC 4.8 are incompatible.

    In the near future, I believe Qt 4.8.6 will be released with GCC 4.8 compatibility.

    The Qt 4 installer s do not include Qt Creator, so you need to install that separately. However, Qt 5 installers include Qt Creator.

    [quote]The MS debugger (once installed) is used directly inside Qt Creator[/quote]The debugger that SGaist mentioned is called "Debugging Tools for Windows". Install this, and Qt Creator should find CDB automatically.

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    To add to JKSH, Qt 4 being easy to compile, I would just get the latest sources and build it against the MinGW provided with Qt 5 so you don't have to worry about having several versions of it to manage.

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