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Touchscreen in QT application inverted

  • Hello,

    I've written a program, which uses a touchscreen to order some things. The touchscreen is via usb connected to an raspberry. I've cross compiled the application and all worked well. The touchscreen recorgnizes the touch, but the click is inverted on the y axis.

    In many forums, especially here, you find help with set the evdev option, in the X11 10-evdev.conf, "inverty" on "on". I start the qt app -> no improvement. I set the swapaxes and tried the invertx option, to see if anything happens -> Nothing...(I have calibrated the touchscreen with evtest) Then I read, that the qt framebeuffer uses tslib. I compiled it on the raspberry and calibrated it whit xinput. I recorgnized that, when I start X and use the touchscreen it works perfect.

    I have QT 5.2.2 with the gcc raspberry toolchain and qt creator cross compiled.

    Can anyone help? The touchscreen inverts the axis but only in the qt application, in no application else...

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