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Is bindVariable() in the XML classes two-way?

  • Hello,

    I posted this thread already in the 'General' forums, but I figured that I may as well throw it here as well because this forum appears to be a bit more focused on what I'm trying to do. Sorry for the duplication, please let me know if its out of line. Disclaimer aside, on to the question:

    I am interested in building a Qt C++ program that queries an XML file using XQuery and returns the data retrieved to the C++ program, the data received would be assigned to variables used in other parts of my c++ program. Essentially I want to use an XML file to store the data, XQuery to retrieve the data, and C++ to assign the data to variables to do stuff with. I have read all the examples and docs about interacting with XML and XQuery and I do not find them very helpful. I see that the bindVariable() function allows you to set the value of variables located within the XQuery file. Can it also be used the opposite way allowing me to set the value of variables in the C++ program with data that the XQuery has found?

    Could you also provide some simple example code?


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    Please don't post the same thread in multiple sub forums, one is enough


    You're mistaken about Language Bindings, this sub forum rather concerns libraries like PySide i.e. using Qt libraries from other languages (Python, Ruby, Java etc…)

  • Oh I'm so sorry, my apologies

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