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App does not run when installed on E: drive

  • Hi,

    I'm developing Qt/QML/QtMobility app using Nokia Qt SDK 1.1 tech preview, targeting Symbian^3. The app runs well if I install it on the C: drive of my phone. However, if I install it on the E: drive, it shows the app main view for about a second, but then it fails to run, and I get a white screen.

    Is this a known problem?


  • How are you deploying the QML files? It can be one of the possible reasons for this behavior.

  • Thanks for the answer. I didn't change anything from the default configuration with regards to deployment of QML files. I deploy some of my data files on the E: drive though, I added the following code to the .pro file:

    myFiles.sources = media*
    myFiles.path = e:\data\images
    DEPLOYMENT +=myFiles

    But that's all about my changes on deployment ...


  • in the Projects mode, have you configured the deployment folder to be E: ?

  • I do not deploy automatically, I removed it from the Run steps. I create the .sis file and then I transfer the file via USB or Bluetooth (reason for this is that silent deployment fails in my environment).

    Is there anything I should modify in the .pro file if I'm going to install the app in the E: drive?


  • I tried with the Qt SDK Beta 1.1 and doesn't make any difference, I'm still unable to install the Qt/QML/QtMobility app on the E: drive of my N8.

    Does anyone have any other idea on what could be going wrong?


  • Installing qt.sis, qtwebkit.sis and qtmobility.sis solves the problem. The files are provided in the Qt SDK beta 1.1, the folder is C:\QtSDK\Symbian\sis\Symbian^3.

    The installation is slowlier on the E:/ drive, but it does work.

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