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QML Plugins on WM6.5

  • Hi there!

    I'm currently trying to get the (Declarative-CppPlugin) QWidgets Example up and running.

    On the current release (2010.05) I'm getting crashes, when I utilize anything else then the basic QDeclarativeView + QMLs (as soon as native Qt Gui Elements are running, it crashes). I think that there went something wrong while building the dev-env.
    So I changed to my working plattform with a 4.7.0-beta2 Qt

    Everything seems to work just fine, but I'm not able to import any plugins.
    I went through the doc quite some time, but I don't get, what I'm missing here...

    Is there anything special to Windows Mobile (6.5)?

    Thanks in advance

  • Btw. WM6.5 Emulator Console tells me:
    MyPushButton is not a type

    qmldir should be correct, folder hierarchy as well - imho

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