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[SOLVED] Debugging a plugin?

  • Hello,

    I have the following setup and debugger doesn't stop at my Qt plugin class breakpoint.
    What's wrong?

    • MSVC 2010 with SDK 7.1, both in SP1 version
    • Qt 4.8.5 64 bit
    • x64 compiler
    • following debugger:
      ** name: "auto-detected CDB at c:\program files\debugging tools for windows (x64)\cdb.exe"
      ** there is a clickable link that states: "specify the path to the windows console debugger executable (64-bit version) here."
      ** path: c:\program files\debugging tools for windows (x64)\cdb.exe
      ** ABIs: x86-windows-msvc2010-pe-64bit
    • I use a library which added an interface to a standard Qt plugin. I implemented a class based on this interface.
    • I compile this library in debug mode.
    • I click on debugger icon and chose launcher.exe as startup program. This executable is the startup program of a project I was given and that hosts plugins. I will refer to it below as "hosting project". It's compiled in RelWithDebInfo mode. I have dlls and pdbs.


    • do I need to get a debug mode compiled version of hosting project?
    • I assume host project looks for plugins in its bin directory, so will my breakpoint work when I don't adjust source path ("mapping source paths" link below)?

    What's the proper way of debugging plugins?
    For now I didn't follow these instructions:

    From what I can see in "my log window": it seems I have to do it (warning : gist content updated according to second post below, mapping paths set now (can't link to a priori gist revision...). In addition I should have put my up-to-date dll in bin folder, right? Or else I would have older executable than source for my plugin.

    So what's the best way?


  • I configured mapping source path.
    Source path: C:\IMAGX-core\bin\applet-tutorial1.dll
    Target path: C:\QtApps\applet-tutorial1, this is where my .h and .cpp reside.

    Error remains:
    @ *** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for C:\IMAGX-core\bin\applet-tutorial1.dll -
    ModLoad: 000007fef5640000 000007fef564b000 C:\IMAGX-core\bin\applet-tutorial1.dll@

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    Might be a silly question but are you sure your plugin is build in debug mode ? Do you also have the according pdb file ?

    Has for you the search path of your host program, it depends on what plugin you implemented. Is it a Qt extension ? A custom plugin ?

    If the former, should be placed in the appropriate plugins subfolder. For the later it depends on your code.

    In any case to test/validate a plugin, you should have a dedicated test application or unit test so you have full control over the plug in related aspects.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi,

    The team which provided the plugins host told me that they should give me a debug build of their code so that I can debug my plugin within it.

    I didn't see a .pdb generated in my plugin project debug build folder, I may be missing something?

    I need to look further at code but the plugin is just a subclass of a standard Qt plugin ( But the plugin host looks in a specific directory, so it looks a bit like a custom plugin implementation.

    Thank, your answer helped too.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You're welcome !

    Surprising indeed.

    You also need to ensure that you are all using the same Qt version

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