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QtCreator autocompletion window keeps resizing continuously

  • Hi,

    I've started using Qt recently so please forgive me if I overlooked some menu option regarding this.

    In QtCreator, whenever I type a variable name and press ".", an autocompletion window opens. If I scroll down this window, its width changes according to the widest entry currently being displayed. This is fine if I scroll using the mouse's scroll wheel but that is too slow.

    If I directly drag the scroll bar using the mouse, as soon as I stop dragging (or pause for half a second), the autocompletion window width changes - so if I try to drag again, I would end up accidently clicking one of the options. It has happened so many times that it makes quickly scrolling through a large list of options almost impossible.

    I just want the autocompletion window width to stay constant or atleast wait for a few seconds before resizing. I've tried google and have gone through the menu but couldn't find any option to do so.

    What do you suggest ? Should I raise a bug report ?

    (I've tried QtCreator versions 2.8.1 and 3.0.1 on Linux Mint (a derivative of Ubuntu))

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Yes, I think you can, or If you want to be sure, you can also ask on the qt-creactor mailing list, you'll find there Qt Creator's developers/maintainers

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