Hud and QGraphicsView

  • How to implement the hud (ie: life, high score, level,...), in a game where the qgraphicsview follows a qgraphicsitem of qgraphicscene?
    I need to anchor a qgraphicstextitem (or label, ...) so that it does not scroll with the qgraphicscene.
    Would make sense to anchor the hud to qgraphicsview?

    Suggestions or thoughts?

    Many thanks.

  • Have you tried using custom some widgets with the graphicsview as their parent. And than setting their positions in the graphicsviews resize event.

  • Doesn't the QGraphicsItem::ItemIgnoresTransformations flag provide that functionality?

    • If i add a qwidget on top of qgraphicsview, i note some problems with alpha channel of widget's background.


    • if i set the flag of QGraphicsProxyWidget (got after calling addWidget on qgraphicscene) with ItemIgnoresTransformations, nothing happens.
      A Solution could be: fix the qgraphicsview on qgraphicsscene, then scroll manually the content of qgraphicscene.

  • Strange,
    if i setViewport with QWidget instead QGLWidget, it works (I can see a correct blending between the transparencies of the backgrounds).

    Hence, recapping:

    • I have a QWidget (my hud) with transparent background;

    • My hud is a son of QGraphicsView;

    • If the QGraphicsView has a viewport of type QWidget, i can see correct blending of backgrounds.

    • If the QGraphicsView has a viewport of type QGLWidget, i see a black background for my Hud.


    Many Thanks.

  • for transparencies in openGL I think you can try this:
    @qgl=new QGLWidget(new QGLContext(QGLFormat(QGL::Rgba | QGL::DoubleBuffer | QGL::AlphaChannel | QGL::HasOverlay)));

    and to retrieve the coordinates to draw your HUD sticky to a position, you have to calculate the mapped position relatively to the current scene. For example, if you want to draw it at coords (10,10) of QGraphicsView widget:

    hope this help

  • First of all, thanks for the support.

    I tried the suggestion above but, nothing happens.
    Hence, i invite you to see with your eyes the problem,
    you can download this:

    you can try to uncomment(or hack) inside @void ZGraphicsView::Init()@

    Many thanks.

  • I didn't know why a transparent widget over a openGL GraphicsView isn't transparent. I think some function like initGL and updateGL should be reimplemented correctly, but you can reimplement "QGraphicsView::drawForeground": to positioning the "QGraphicsProxyWidget *hud" when needed as follow

    @void ZGraphicsView::drawForeground ( QPainter * painter, const QRectF & rect )
    hud->setPos(mapToScene(100, 10));

    void ZGraphicsView::Init()
    //------------------- CHECK THIS! -------------------
    // setViewport(new QWidget());
    setViewport(new QGLWidget(new QGLContext(QGLFormat(QGL::Rgba | QGL::DoubleBuffer | QGL::AlphaChannel | QGL::HasOverlay))));

    // Hud Settings (on QGraphicsView)
    QLabel* label = new QLabel("HUD!", 0);
    label->setStyleSheet("QLabel{background: transparent; color: red; font: 40px;}");
    label->setFixedSize(100, 44);
    label->move(0, 0);
    // Background settings (on QGraphicsScene)
    ZGraphicsScene* scene = new ZGraphicsScene();
    QGraphicsPixmapItem* myBackground = new QGraphicsPixmapItem(QPixmap(":/background.png"), 0);
    hud = scene->addWidget(label);
    hud->setPos(mapToScene(100, 10));


  • [quote author="MarcoB" date="1297775701"] but you can reimplement "QGraphicsView::drawForeground": to positioning the "QGraphicsProxyWidget *hud" when needed as follow

    The Test that i added above it isn't my true case.
    In my case, i can't do it, because (for now) i have the QGraphicsView that scrolls a QGraphicsScene, so if i move my hud to fixed position, whenever drawForeground is executed, i see that my hud flickers with scrolling.

    Many Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Did you solve the transparency problem with widgets added to the scene?

  • Yes, i solved this problem (more or less).
    You can find my game here:

    but, now i am using another kind of solution for the hud cause i stopped to use the qgraphicsview system.

    Basically I am developing a 3D shoot' em up, using a QGLWidget with an hybrid system for the hud: ortographic projection+qfont+opengl commands.

  • As I found this topic searching another similar problem, just a way to have a transparent widget on an OpenGL background:

    The opacity value is just to see what you put in the widget. The only forbidden value is 1.0.

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