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Updating a local db from the web

  • I'd like to write a small app for android that should be used mostly when there is no way to have an internet connection.
    Before leaving office/home I start the update and then go use it. What I don't understand fully how to do it the db update.
    My idea is that on the software I use for populating the db I create a function to "export" the data in sequentially numbered batches, each with max 200 records. The client on the mobile knows the last batch installed and ask for the following ones. The data is in an easy to use format, compressed, and the local db is populated. The db on the mobile is 99.99% readonly and appendonly but there may be changes to old records, so I think I can put some SQL instructions in a batch file to execute on the mobile...

    I ask this since I don't know if Android, or Qt, have an integrated way to do batch updates to a db.

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