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Migrating an Eclipse Android project on Qt

  • Hi guys, I'm new on Qt and I have a lot of questions about mobile development on this framework and I would be very grateful if you could get an answers on it. So I am an Android developer and I have some apps written on Eclipse and I want to port one of them to iOS using Qt. Why Qt? Cause I know C++ a litle bit and I don't like objective C. My android-app requests some data from server and get a JSON-response, also it has a service which sends a geolocation coordinates per 10 minutes and get another data which displays via push-notification. So here my list of questions, please get me an answers:

    Is it possible to make this app on Qt? And launch it on Iphone?

    For my main window I using a ViewPager - Is there any analog of this widget on Qt?

    How about an ActionBar? In Android I use a ScherlockActionBar, what I should use on Qt?

    Is there in Qt any JSON desserializer like a GSON?

    How to make a background service in Qt? I mean Is there in Qt any Android-Service analog?

    Best regards

  • Hello! Welcome to Qt.

    Widgets are not recommended for mobile based apps. I'd use QML/JS for this kind of job.

    You could expose your existing native code (C++ or Obj-C) easily to QML and mix with javascript logic.

    For many ready to use controls check QtQuick.Controls. Making your custom controls is very easy in QML

    JSON.parse() and xmlhttprequest are readily available in QML for your network requests.

    I don't think you could make Qt services at the moment in Android.

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