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Qt 5.2 Linux Framebuffer missing text output.

  • When I run my Qt application using: -platform linuxfb -plugin evdevkeyboard
    The application runs and shows the borders around the windows and the icons but the text is all missing. I am able to navigate the screens with the keyboard just fine (all screens have missing text). I even created a QML 1.1 HELLO WORLD file and ran qmlviewer on it and the Hello World text was missing. The application is using QML 1.1 but I also have another app that uses straight Widgets (no QML) and they both exhibit the same problem. Are fonts broken in Qt 5.2 for the framebuffer? It works great under X-Windows.

  • That is a known bug in 5.2.0 with linuxfb. It is corrected in 5.2.1.

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