[solved] QXmpp - problem with undefined reference to

  • Hi,
    I try to use qxmpp library in my project (I don't want static linking), but while building there are some problems with this library: "undefined reference to...".
    I'm not sure if I do everything properly.
    I build qmpp library using Qt Creator as it was wrote in readme file.
    And I get build-qxmpp folder with builded library. Next I write:
    INCLUDEPATH +=-L./build-qxmpp/src
    LIBS += qxmpp/src/base

    And when I start to build my project the problem shows up.

    I saw common topic on forum, but there were advices to static linking, that I don't want to.
    Could you explain me where I do something wrong? Maybe I link wrong or my project is builded wrong.

    If you need any information please ask, I wish to solve this problem quick :D

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    First thing I can see you have mixed these two statements:
    INCLUDEPATH is where you give the path to the headers
    LIBS is where you give the path to the libraries you link to and the libs themselves e.g.

    @LIBS += -Lpath_to_your_library -llibraryname_without_the_lib_prefix@

  • Sorry, wrong rewrite (I'm little bit tired)
    Of course I have:
    LIBS +=-L./build-qxmpp/src
    INCLUDEPATH += qxmpp/src/base


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    You are still missing the -l with the library name

  • Ok, now I hav also -lqxmpp0
    But know it shows
    "cannot find -lqxmpp0"

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    probably because:


    doesn't point to the right place. As a quick fix, give the full path to the folder containing the lib. You can then later add some logic to get it from the build dir.

  • I gave the full path to the library, but now it says:
    " cannot find C:... : Permission denied".
    But this folder exist, so I do not know why it cannot find it.

  • Ok, Now it works with full path to the library. Everything because of using forward slash instead of backslash. I checked it and instead of writing:

    I use:

    Thanks for help :D

  • I'm doing everything too fast. I have one more problem
    When I build/re-build project it works with:
    But when I compile it, it doesn't work with it, it works only if I use full path
    This is very strange.

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    That's strange. Qt uses unix style forward slashes everywhere so it should work out of the box. Do you have spaces in your path ?

    build-qxmpp/src is a relative path. So depending on where the rest of your code is compiled, it can't be found at linking time

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