QSS and drawComplexControl()

  • Hi!
    I have a QDialog containing a QTableView, along with a custom delegate showing a QComboBox for enum types.
    When the row is not selected, I still want the QComboBox to be visible (I would like to avoid using QTableView::openPersistentEditor()).
    To do so, the custom delegate forwards the paint event to the following method:
    void CustomEnum::paint(QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionViewItem &option) const

    QStyleOptionComboBox comboBoxOption;
    comboBoxOption.rect = option.rect;
    comboBoxOption.state = option.state;
    comboBoxOption.state |= QStyle::State_Enabled;
    comboBoxOption.editable = false;
    comboBoxOption.currentText = enumInfo.valueToKey(curValue);

    // The cast is successful, and srcWidget is the QTableView
    QWidget *srcWidget = qobject_cast<QWidget *>(option.styleObject);
    QStyle *style = srcWidget ? srcWidget->style() : QApplication::style();

    // However, the QSS is ignored here (while srcWidget->styleSheet() correctly
    // returns the style I've set in Qt Designer)
    style->drawComplexControl(QStyle::CC_ComboBox, &comboBoxOption, painter, srcWidget);
    style->drawControl(QStyle::CE_ComboBoxLabel, &comboBoxOption, painter, srcWidget);


    The problem is that I've styled the combo box control using QSS, but drawComplexControl() seems to ignore that, despite using the QTableView's style. Here's a screenshot:


    Is it possible for drawComplexControl() to consider the style sheet?


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    AFAIK, widget using style sheet doesn't use the application style but the QStyleSheetStyle which is a private class.
    You can use use it but beware that it can change and even be removed without notice

    Hope it helps

  • Shouldn't the style variabile in my code point to a QStyleSheetStyle already?
    After all, it's the QTableView which has the stylesheet property set (from Qt Designer).

    EDIT: Indeed the following code
    const char *clsName = style->metaObject()->className();

    yields "QStyleSheetStyle"! Why is the styling being ignored?

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    What does srcWidget->style() return ?

  • [quote author="SGaist" date="1391463873"]What does srcWidget->style() return ?[/quote]

    srcWidget points to the QTableView, which has the styleSheet property set via Qt Designer.
    srcWidget->style() returns a QStyle instance and srcWidget->style()->metaObject()->className() yields "QStyleSheetStyle".

    However, I have some news: I found that drawComplexControl actually works, but only if two conditions are met, namely:

    1. You have to call drawComplexControl() from a QStyleSheetStyle (and that's ok, srcWidget->style() is actually a QStyleSheetStyle).

    2. You have to pass an instance of the same widget type you want to draw as the last parameter of drawComplexControl(). In my example, I pass srcWidget which is a QTableView. Apparently, Qt doesn't like that. In order to work, I need to pass a QComboBox instance!
      With this snippet, the code works:

    QWidget *srcWidget = qobject_cast<QWidget *>(option.styleObject);
    // Important! We need to set the combobox as child of an already layouted widget, otherwise the code will not work
    QComboBox *cbo = new QComboBox(srcWidget);
    QStyle *style = srcWidget->style();
    style->drawComplexControl(QStyle::CC_ComboBox, &comboBoxOption, painter, cbo);
    style->drawControl(QStyle::CE_ComboBoxLabel, &comboBoxOption, painter, cbo);
    delete cbo;

    Of course, this solution is horrible beyond words (repeatedly creating a widget inside a paint event!).
    So it seems that my problem is shifted towards providing a suitable instance to drawComplexControl().

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Why not get the combo box from your widget then ?

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