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Declarative-camera example () does not record video on real Android device

  • Running examples/multimedia/declarative-camera in real Android device:

    W/SurfaceTexture(20675): freeAllBuffersExceptCurrentLocked called but mQueue is not empty
    W/libEGL (20675): eglTerminate() called w/ 1 objects remaining
    W/SurfaceView(20675): CHECK surface infomation creating=false formatChanged=false sizeChanged=false visible=false visibleChanged=true surfaceChanged=true realSizeChanged=false redrawNeeded=false left=false top=false

    I've created a test (using VideoOutput and Camera QML itens). Same error:

    W/SurfaceTexture(21732): freeAllBuffersExceptCurrentLocked called but mQueue is not empty
    W/Camera (21732): Camera server died!
    W/Camera (21732): ICamera died
    W/IMediaDeathNotifier(21732): media server died
    E/Camera (21732): Error 100
    W/Qt (21732): qdeclarativecamerarecorder.cpp:573 (void QDeclarativeCameraRecorder::updateRecorderError(QMediaRecorder::Error)): QMediaRecorder error: "Unknown error."

  • I had the same issue with the declarative-camera sample.
    with QT 5.3 beta:
    Camera video recording & image capture does work on a Galaxy S4 android phone (Android version 4.3 / kernel 3.4.0-2082040).
    Image capture works on a Sony xperia android phone (Android version 4.0.4 / kernel But video recording doesn't work. I tried to downgrade the android API level to 15 in the declarative-camera project config, but it still reports "Media server died" when you press the record button.

    Image capture on iOS 7.0.4 (iPhone 5S) works thanks to this post:

    Video Recording on iOS 7.0.4 (iPhone 5S) works after adding the others following plugins in the .pro file:
    QTPLUGIN += qavfcamera qtaudio_coreaudio qavfmediaplayer
    Thanks to this doc page: ""
    The only remaining drawback is the video surface rendering freezes in the video recording mode (e.g: after you clicked the "switch to video" button). But the recording works and you can replay what you recorded with the "View" button.

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