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Eglfs issuse on buildroot + RPi

  • Hello,
    I'm running Qt5 within a buildroot environment on RPi, without X.
    It works fine but when I use OpenGL the widget is actually rendered "behind" the console.

    I mean, running the gradient example works fine until I press the "Use opengl button". Now I only see the lateral buttons but the rendering window seems to be behind the shell I used to launch the application....

    What might lead to this odd behavior?

  • That example uses a QGLWidget combined with some other widget content. That is simply not supported properly on platforms like eglfs (which is used on the Pi too).

    For more details see

    There is work on-going for a QGLWidget replacement in Qt 5.3. This solution would then be properly supported across all platforms, allowing mixing traditional widgets and GL/Quick areas.

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