[SOLVED] How to install precompiled Qt4?

  • Hello,

    Another team send me precompiled Qt 4.8.5. So I have to install and use it.

    It was precompiled using MSVC compiler. So I have installed MS Visual Studio 2010 to get the compiler, Windows SDK 7.1 to get the tools, read some docs about how to compile Qt, but I don't understand what I miss.

    It seems I have to run some command with nmake to install (QtCreator tells I have to run "make install").
    So I open SDK command prompt, navigate to Qt base directory. I have the following subdirectories: bin, include, lib. Is this correct? Am I sure Qt has been compiled?

    nmake cannot find "install" target if running "nmake install". I've read about "nmake -f ns\ntdll.mak install".

    Thanks for directions

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If that version of Qt was compiled by that team, you have to have the exact same setup on your computer has they have so:

    • Same version of Visual Studio (service pack included)
    • Qt in the exact same folder as they have

  • Thank you I will ask them about folder name and post again when everything is OK.

  • They answered me that I have to create a qt.conf file in %QTDIR%\bin (where qmake.exe resides) and define my own path:

    but I still get the "don't how to make 'install'" when running "nmake install" from Qt directory.

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    If you have a pre-built package, I guess you don't have the sources nor the Makefiles, so you can't just call "nmake install".

    Anyway, if the other team have it up and running like that, ask them to come over at your desk and install it for you

  • I just found it that when Prefix is correctly set in %QTDIR%\bin\qt.conf, QtCreator correctly finds the Qt version :-)


  • I m interested in your precompile version, is it possible to send it to me?

    thanks you

  • Hi Falconmaverick, sorry for the very long reply delay. I've shared it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48555221/qt4.8.5_64bit_vs2010.zip

  • postb99: thanks you

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