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Qt5 and building qmake

  • hi

    I am working on our own cross compiled Qt5 which has finished successfully except for the qmake part. It compiles fine but when being used on host machines for creating the Makefile it doesn't figure out where the mkspecs folder is and also can't find the tools rcc and uic.

    What variable or config is needed to set in order to influence this when compiling Qt5 ?


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    You can use QTDIR and/ or PATH. But Qt should figure it all out automatically.

    QTDIR should point to <qt5 dir>/qtbase; PATH should point to <qt 5 dir>/qtbase/bin.

  • Hi and thank you for your response.

    I see that my original post was maybe not to clear on what I was asking for.
    If I understand which variables you are talking about then they are essential for compiling the Qt framework whereas I have another situation.
    After I have deployed the cross-compiled Qt5 framework and want to use it to cross-compile some application with the newly deployed framework it fails as I described above.
    qmake is complaining about:
    @could not find any qmake configuration file...@
    The path it wants its mkspecs folder to be in is: /opt/target/armhf-rootfs/usr/mkspecs
    but I have installed to /opt/target/armhf-rootfs/usr/share/qt5/mkspecs
    If I create a symlink to sort this out, qmake finishes but compiling fails because of this:
    @/home/user/qt/qtbase/bin/rcc: comand not found@

    Hope I have managed to sufficiently explain my problem :-)

    kind regards

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    Take a look at "qt.conf": I am not experienced enough in cross-compiling to tell you anything with certainty, sorry.

  • ok, thanks for this.
    Maybe someone has experience in this part !!!

  • By using the tip from sierdzio I applied /usr/bin/qt.conf on the machine I'm testing out the cross-compiled Qt5 framework. This enabled qmake to finish but the make process fails with not finding the rcc command.
    I have tried to use the qt.conf file to resolve that without any luck.

    I guess this can all be resolved during the compilation of Qt5 because I had this working at some point but now I'm not able to get this right. What is there during the build process that sets the paths for qmake, rcc and uic ?

  • What was the exact configure command-line? How was it deployed? (just "make install" or something else?)

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