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Qt Mobile app loading time & splash screen

  • I downloaded Qt QuickForecast app from PlayMarket in order to check performance and look&feel. I like everything (app really is good) except one thing: the loading time. On my Xperia M the app starts for about 3-4 seconds and for the whole loading time the black screen is shown. Is there a way to show a splash screen image when the app is loading?

  • I am looking at doing this also. The black loading screen with nothing is not very good.

    I used the standard QSplashScreen, but it doesn't show on mobile.
    The same code works fine on a desktop box though.

  • I guess it takes 3-4 secs to uncompress QML files out of the package. I, myself push QML files seperately on sdcard, and make my viewer load from there. It takes no time to start the application with this way.

  • There is a problem with the startup on Android, where the icon und app name is shown. They are going to fix this with version 5.2.1:
    Hopefully, the QSplashScreen works then...

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