Qt5.2 support on embedded Linux.

  • Is Qt5.2 (Qtwebkit) support is available for embedded Linux??

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    If you manage to compile it, it should work, I guess. I don't remember anybody complaining about it not working, but then, embedded systems are not as common, so maybe I just missed it.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I tried to build the qt5.2 on embedded linux, qt is build without qtwebkit module even if i gave below command.
    gmake -j4 -module-qtwekit -module-qtwebkit-examples
    Qtwebkit makefile does not have script to build module.

    I think qt5.2 configure file should generate the correct makefile for Qtwebkit module. or need some settings in configure file for embedded linux.

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    Please take a look at what "configure" returns: maybe WebKit was disabled automatically because you are missing some dependencies.

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