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CreatePlatformOpenGLContext error

  • I am trying to run one QtQuick2 project on nitrogen board with following commnad
    ./app -platform linuxfb.

    everytime i am getting the following seg fault.

    bq. QIconvCodec::convertFromUnicode: using Latin-1 for conversion, iconv_open failed
    QIconvCodec::copwm_config: pwm freq = 32786, clk_select=2 clock_rate=22000000
    pwm_config: pwm freq = 20000, clk_select=2 clock_rate=22000000
    nvertToUnicode: using Latin-1 for conversion, iconv_open failed
    qrc:/gui/main.qml:12: Unable to assign QQuickAnchorLine to QQuickItem*
    This plugin does not support createPlatformOpenGLContext!
    Segmentation fault

    Please help me out.

  • linuxfb has no OpenGL support. It supports software-rendered content (e.g. QWidgets) only. Try -platform eglfs instead.

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