Application Screen Sharing

  • Hey there,

    I know this is an out there idea, but here goes anyway.
    I have a browser I built in Qt. I would like to have a set up where 2 computers running this browser with 'screen sharing' enabled would have the ability to share their screens in my browser. Kind of like 'Chromoting'. Obviously there would need to be a 'controller' computer and a 'controlled' computer. I know that it will be hard to make this. How could I go about creating this?
    Example code/links to open-source projects like this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your time!

  • Hi nicky j,
    check out this "project":

  • Hello nicky,

    I'm not sure to understand precisely what you want to achieve.
    Do you want the users to use your browser to share screen shots and other various resources ?
    Or do you want to set up a remote desktop kind of application, hosted inside your browser ?


  • I would like to set up a remote desktop application hosted in my browser. Sorry for the ambiguity.

  • musimbate, that looks pretty cool. How do I integrate that with my homemade browser?

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