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[Android] [Qt 5.2] List widgets on Android and scrolling by touch gesture

  • Hi all

    I'm currently testing Qt working on android and I'm quite satisfied right now. My testing app use a QListWidget control and now I'm looking for a way to scroll up and down the list using touch gesture as standard android list control do. Qt already have gesture manager classes (I suppose the closest one would be the gesture called "swipe") but I would to know if someone know a ready made way to add this feature. My "hope" is since Qt team made the porting is possible they added this feature to enable in some easier way instead of write the scrolling gesture manager from scratch (at least, I hope so). Someone have a suggestion about?

    Thank you

  • QScroller might be what you are looking for:

  • Hi

    Thank you, need more time to make tests but it seem the class make the job. ^_^

  • Moderators

    ltr6, thank you for that hint, it works perfectly!

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