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Qt Mobility Tech Preview - Telephony Events API

  • Hello and welcome to the Telephony Events API forum on DevNet.

    This forum is for the new Telephony Events API which is part of the Qt Mobility program.
    Today we’ve released the QtMobility 1.1.0 ‘Technology Preview’ package of the new APIs.

    We want to share our working progress and get some feedback from you.
    Your comments are important to us as they help us to improve and stabilice the Telephony Events API.

    QtLabs will still be used to communicate the availability of our new packages, but DevNet is where you will have to opportunity to review and comment on the API, suggest changes etc.

    So, I welcome you to this new forum and look forward to your feedback on the new Telephony Events API.

    Kind regards,
    Qt Development Team.

  • Hello,

    Once you start writing applications which handle telephony events, it is natural to want to access the call log. For example, how does one retrieve a missed call?

    I do not see it with the current telephone event API. Did I miss it? Would you tell me the Qt Mobility APIs design decision with respect to this functionality?

    Thanks for your time and consideration.



  • Hi johnk,

    I am a product manger for Qt Mobility. Full blown Telephony API in on top of the list for new APIs but we have not completed Qt Mobility roadmap for 1.2 yet. If capacity allows it will be roadmapped and 1.2 roadmap will be shared as soon as possible.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi John,

    The Telephony Events API handles only the actual existing calls on your mobile not the calls they were in the past. If a new call is coming in this API can notify your application (e.g. switch your application into sleep mode). At this state we handle only the actual existing calls in your mobile phone.



  • Hi John is it possible to trigger a call from a Qt application? Or Wake up and set focus to one's Qt application on receiving a call?

  • Hello,

    bq. is it possible to trigger a call from a Qt application? Or Wake up and set focus to one’s Qt application on receiving a call?

    The telephony Events API has been removed from the current mobility offering. It should return when it offers more functionality. Symbian has extensive libraries for telephony. This "article":http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/Using_Qt_and_Symbian_C++_Together talks about how to combine Qt and native Symbian C++.


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