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QT 5.2.0 for Windows and Android on same system possible (Windows 64 Bit)?

  • Hello,

    I want to develop with QT 5.2.0 for Windows as well as for Android
    on the same system. My computer is capable of running 64 bit software,
    but as far as I have seen QT 5.2.0 for Android is only available as 32 bit version.
    For a single variant it is no problem.

    Is it possible at all to mix two installations of QT 5.2.0?
    Or is one version overwriting, replacing, crashing the other?
    Must I choose 32 bit version both time? It this combination working?

    In general would it also be possible to cross compile
    a QT 5.2.0 application on Windows (or whatever...),
    which can be used on Linux or Mac?
    Or must I compile each application on its own system?

    Best regards,


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can have both Windows and Android Qt installed in parallel, that is not a problem.

    Cross-compilation for OS X is not possible at all. Cross-compiling to linux is tricky but doable. The most common way these days is to use a virtual machine with linux on it (nothing beats compiling on the target system)

  • Many thanks for your answer!
    I have meanwhile installed both QT 5.2.0 version.
    It was installed in two different directories
    (one c:\Qt\Qt5.2.0 and the Android version in c:\Qt\Qt5.2.0-Android).

    I can see Android in Qt Creator, but was not yet able to create a project,
    which creates an Android APK.

    I found meanwhile a point, which I think is a problem:
    (sorry, I have German version, try to translate what I see)

    I select

    Extras (in Main Menu)->Properties->Properties and Execution (in left menu with icons and text)->QT Versions.

    There the installed/found QT Versions are listed.
    Qt 5.2.0 MinGW 32 bit seems to be ok,
    but the above 3 Android Version are not ok, have a red "!" in front.
    When clicking on one of the (erronous) entries,
    it tells me it has no compiler.

    Looking into the (displayed) path, e.g.

    I see e.g. the following content:

    Verzeichnis von C:\Qt\Qt5.2.0-Android\5.2.0\android_armv5\bin

    04.01.2014 10:15 <DIR> .
    04.01.2014 10:15 <DIR> ..
    08.12.2013 20:52 1.532.416 androiddeployqt.exe
    22.04.2013 17:03 22.378.434 icudt51.dll
    22.04.2013 17:03 3.369.922 icuin51.dll
    22.04.2013 17:03 1.978.690 icuuc51.dll
    08.12.2013 20:52 1.592.320 lconvert.exe
    17.04.2013 19:18 544.817 libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
    17.04.2013 19:19 989.805 libstdc++-6.dll
    17.04.2013 18:26 73.901 libwinpthread-1.dll
    08.12.2013 20:50 2.000.896 lrelease.exe
    08.12.2013 20:51 2.408.448 lupdate.exe
    08.12.2013 19:00 1.589.760 moc.exe
    08.12.2013 19:43 3.027.968 qdoc.exe
    04.01.2014 10:15 3.900.416 qmake.exe
    08.12.2013 20:25 1.558.528 qmlimportscanner.exe
    08.12.2013 20:25 1.241.600 qmlmin.exe
    08.12.2013 19:00 1.330.176 rcc.exe
    08.12.2013 18:09 50.332 syncqt.pl
    08.12.2013 19:22 1.776.128 uic.exe
    18 Datei(en), 51.344.557 Bytes

    The others look similar, similar files.
    But there is no compiler like gcc or similar in it?

    Do I need to install them separately? Which one (from where downloaded)?

    During tests with Qt Android I started Qt for Windows.
    It worked (at least opened), but I was not more able to compile.
    Green arrow on left side to compile and execute was greyed out...

    During my tests with Qt Android, I was able to compile,
    but the created executable runs under Windows
    and I found no *.apk.
    Bug or feature that Qt Android created a Windows Executable?
    It is a nice thing to first be able to see output on Windows,
    but is Qt Android only created when doing certain action
    (e.g. only in Release mode)?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Did you install the SDK/NDK for Android ?

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