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Adding 32-bit clang compiler

  • I am beginning to learn programming under Mac. The first issue I faced is how to properly install Qt under Mavericks. Qt has been installed and working, except that the only compiler that I see installed with Qt is clang 64-bit. Well, I am not certain if I want to make a 64-bit program for the compatibility reason. So, I am trying to make a project with clang 32-bit. I go to Build and Run -> Kits -> Add. Create a new one called Qt 5.2.0 clang 32; Desktop; Local PC; Compiler Clang (x86 32 bit in /usr/bin); Debugger: System LLDB at usr/bin/lldb. Now I select Qt version: Qt 5.2.0 clang 64-bit. I see the error when I hover my mouse over the newly created Kit: "Error: The compiler cannot produce code for Qt Version."

    I did install Qt libraries 4.8.5 prior to that. Now when I go to add Qt Version, I cannot select qmake -- it is unselectable.

    I am absolutely confused! :-) Is there a simple tutorial how to add 32-bit clang to QtCreator 5.2 on OS X Mavericks?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    On OS X go with 64bit unless you are in real need for a 32bit application. IIRC 5.2 is build 64bit only, so you would first need to build a 32bit version before you can use it with clang 32

  • Thanks, SGaist. I see. Well, I have nothing against building it 64-bit. My only concern is to what extent the Mac community is compatible with 64-bit. Well, let it be... :-)

    Thank you!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    IIRC, Snow Leopard is that last OS X that supported 32bit Intel architecture. So unless you know in advance that you will have customer that will use that version or older (and you very well might) you can start with 64 bit

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