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QSLQITE - use multiple connections SOLVED

  • hi, all,

    I'm trying to open a SQLite-database connection with a specific name (The reason ist, that in my application I have to work with 2 different databases). I tried following code:

    @QString connName = "Connection_to_Working_DB";
    QSqlDatabase connectionDB = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE", connName);
    QString test = connectionDB.connectionName();
    qDebug() << test;
    QSqlQueryModel *model = new QSqlQueryModel();
    model->setQuery("SELECT connection_name FROM tbl_connections");

    qDebug() gives me the correct connection name, but when I start the query, I get the message "QSqlQuery::exec: database not open"...

    When I try the same code without specifying a connection name, everything works fine...

    can anybody help me?

    thanks in advance,

  • You are missing the call to

    @bool QSqlDatabase::open()@

    Try the following:

    @QString connName = "Connection_to_Working_DB";
    QSqlDatabase connectionDB = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE", connName);
    QMessageBox::critical(0, "Cannot open database", connectionDB.lastError().text(), QMessageBox::Ok); @

  • Unfortunately this doesn't work... :-(

    As I take it, "connectionDB.database(connName)" is an alternative way to open the database, if you want to use a specific connection name, but obviously I'm doing something wrong...

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    It's not an alternative to open a database. It gives you the QDatabase object that represent the connection to a given database (here identified by connName) You still have to open each connection before you can use it.

  • hm, what does this mean?

    @QSqlDatabase connectionDB = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE", "Test");

    this code results in the same error, what do I overlook?!?

  • Pass db connection to setQuery method in line
    @model->setQuery("SELECT connection_name FROM tbl_connections");@
    @model->setQuery("SELECT connection_name FROM tbl_connections", connectionDB);@

  • that's it, thanks a lot!!

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