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Qt Mobility Tech Preview - Versit API

  • Welcome to the Qt Mobility Versit API forum on DevNet.

    The Versit API was one of the first APIs developed as part of the Qt Mobility project, originally as a supplement to the Contacts API by converting to and from the vCard format. With the development of the Qt Mobility Organizer API, the Versit API has been expanded to include support for the iCalendar format. Other new additions include an evolution of the framework for client-provided extensions to the importer and exporter. This forum gives you the opportunity to help shape the new developments in the API and mature it toward a robust cross platform API for Qt developers.

    Todays release shares our "Technology Preview" package of the new APIs planned for QtMobility 1.1.0. QtLabs will still be used to communicate the availability of our new packages, but DevNet is where you will have to opportunity to review and comment on the API. and suggest changes etc.

    We look forward to your feedback on the Versit API.

    Charles, Chris, Kevin and Michael
    Qt Development Team.

  • I want to use iCalendar files in a desktop application. How tough would it be to extract the necessary classes to do that ?

  • Hi ygor,

    The Versit module can be used to convert iCalendar files to and from QOrganizerItems. To do the import, you would use a QVersitReader to parse the file into a QVersitDocument, then feed the document into a QVersitOrganizerImporter to get a list of QOrganizerItems. We don't currently have a real backend for QtOrganizer on any desktop platform, so you'd then need to write your own code to deal with the resultant QOrganizerItems.

    To do the export, you would use the QVersitOrganizerExporter and QVersitWriter.


  • OK, I was planning to write the backend for my app. According to "the Qt Mobility Installation Guide": , QtVersit depends on QtContacts and QtOrganizer, so I need those three modules. The way the documentation reads, these modules should be all I need to add to my project. Have I got it correct ? Thanks for your help.

  • Yes, though if you don't need QtContacts, you don't need to explicitly link to contacts. eg. in your .pro file, you can have:

    MOBILITY += versit organizer

  • I will try it the way you suggest, but it implies (to me) that the documentation is inaccurate. Or is it that Contacts is only needed for the Mobility front end ?

  • Versit only depends on Contacts if you use it to import and export contacts. If you don't use the importer or exporter for contacts, then you shouldn't need to add "contacts" to your MOBILITY line.

  • Excellent. I was hoping it would be like that.

    Thanks for all the info. You trolls are the greatest.

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