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Connect return of a method to signal - possible?

  • Hi Qt-fans,

    I started some time ago with Qt (in PySide) and working now with C++ (where I am new - more or less). And I want to request data from TheMovieDB API with a getPopularMovies() method that should return a list of "MovieObjects" - they are holding just some arguments (Title, Image path ...) and have some get/set methods.

    My problem is the following:
    To do the request I use QNetworkManager's get method, which works pretty well, but due to the async nature it seems you should/have to connect the finished() signal to a SLOT. So I can't do the request and everything else (like parsing response) in one method. So I connected it to an evauate slot, that reads the JSON data from QNetworkReply and creates a list of MovieObjects. After they are created a finished() signal I implemented is emited.

    It would be great, if I could use return in getPopularMovies(), depending on my finished signal. Say something like that: connect(this, SIGNAL(myFinishedSignal), return <My list of objects>)

    Is something like that possible?

    Or do I need another function, to get the list? So that I call first searchPopularMovies() and than after this is finished a getPopularMovies() method?

    Thanks in advance, AlphaX2.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can't do that like that, signals only have void as return type and also no implementation.

    What you can do however is emit a signal with your MovieObjects list as a parameter.

    Hope it helps

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