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How to create an Ubuntu ISO with everything included to develop for Qt?

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    I'm trying to install Qt on a USB thumbdrive to use for developing Qt apps (for Android primarily). I keep hitting all kinds of problems setting this up, so I'm thinking of a different route: Create a customized Ubuntu ISO which includes Qt 5.2 (with build capabilities for Android and Linux/Ubuntu), Java SDK, Android SDK and NDK. Anything beyond that might be a bonus.

    I have looked at the Ubuntu Customization Kit, but have not figured out how to include everything I need in there.

    Once I have the ISO I might either run it as a LiveCD (created with YUMI?), or install it on the drive itself.

    Has anyone succesfully tried this?

    This could be useful to other people as a way to have look at what Qt development might look like.


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    You should rather ask this on Ubuntu's forum, you'll more likely to get help building a custom ISO for them (though I find a live cd an interesting idea)

  • Follow instruction on
    Last year i have build a cd to start on a live cd and server build apache & many app as demo on mysql db...
    You take a ubuntu install all item you need and after.. burn a dvd from all..

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