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  • Welcome to the Qt Mobility Contacts API forum on DevNet.

    The Contacts API was one of the first APIs developed as part of the Qt Mobility project, and continues to be actively developed. It allows developers to access contact information via a cross-platform API. By participating in discussion in this forum, you have the opportunity to help shape the API, or to coordinate efforts to develop new backends for the API.

    Today's release shares our "Technology Preview" package of the new APIs planned for the Qt Mobility 1.1.0 release, as well as enhancements to the current Qt Mobility APIs, including the Contacts API. Qt Labs will still be used to communicate the availability of new packages, but DevNet is where you will have the opportunity to review and comment on the API, and share information with other developers about the API. The Contacts API is still under active revision and development (subject to binary compatibility constraints), and the earlier you can give your feedback, the more time we will have to assess the impact of any changes suggested, and integrate those changes into the API.

    Welcome to the forum, we look forward to your comments and contributions in the development of the Qt Mobility Contacts API.

    Charles, Chris, Kevin and Michael
    Qt Development Team

  • Hello,

    The "QContactAddress":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.1-tp/qcontactaddress.html class defines a region and a locality. Unfortunately, it defines it with itself. Suboptimal. Today I'm trying to map the local fire station onto it.

    1040 East Hillsdale Boulevard, Foster City, CA, USA

    To what does a city map? What about a state or province? Maybe this is defined by some ISO (or other standards body) specification. If so, I'd appreciate it if someone could give me a pointer.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.



  • Hi John,

    Enhancing the documentation for QContactAddress is something which has been on our "todo list" for quite some time. The design of QContactAddress is closely linked with the defined fields in the vCard ADR property, so hopefully this (quoted from RFC2426) will help:

    "The structured type value corresponds, in sequence, to the post office box; the extended address; the street address; the locality (e.g., city); the region (e.g., state or province); the postal code; the country name."

    But you are quite right that the documentation for these fields in our class (and function) documentation is lacking. I've created a JIRA task to track this issue at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTMOBILITY-426. If you encounter any other similar issues, please feel free to create a new bug report in JIRA :-)


  • Thanks, Chris! Exactly what I was looking for.


  • Nice work!


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