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Yocto image build on iMX6 with QT 5.2

  • Hello everybody,

    has anybody already used Yocto to build an image with QT 5.2 embedded and could deliver me the receipe for it? Or at least point me to the right direction?

    Currently I've configured Yocto to build the QT 5.1.1 succesfully and applied the image to my Wandboard-dual. I'm using the option -platform eglfs for the examples and they are running fine.

    Now I've heard that the new 5.2 will improve the performance even more and I wanted to give it a try.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ok I think I found some idea how to get it running with Yocto.

    If I understood the receipe correctly, I may just change the version from 5.1 to 5.2 in the following receipe.

    meta-qt5 / recipes-qt / qt5 / qt5-5.1.1.inc

    it's different for RC versions

    QT_VERSION_DIR ?= "5.1" // change to 5.2

    Would this work? Has anybody experience with it?

    I think I will try it out in the next couple of days and post my findings afterwards.

  • Didn't work out as I thought.

    But previously I got a message from a yocto oe-meta-qt5 member and he told me that he already create a branch for qt 5.2.0.

    I tried it out, but without success.

    The thing what I did, I only cloned the meta-qt5 branch over my existing 5.1.1 folder and tried to recreate an image which also implements qt.

    It always fails to fetch the latest source-code for 5.2.0 from the official Qt-website.

    Has anybody already tried the same with success? Can anybody point me into the right direction.

    Thanks in advance.

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