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[Solved] Android: QtMultimedia Problem

  • When I use import QtMultimedia 5.0 in my QML files. An error occurs because the QtMultimedia plugin cannot be found. On Desktop I know this can be fix by copy related folders but how can it be done on Android?

    I'm using Qt5.2 and QtCreator 3.0.

    module "QtMultimedia" plugin "declarative_multimedia" not found

  • Did You solve this problem?

  • It's an issue from the beta version. To solve it, you must:

    1 - Add
    @QT += multimedia@

    at the top of your .pro file, or after any "QT = " commands, then save the file

    2 - Run qmake

    3 - Rebuild

    Then it should be solved.

  • Sorry for late reply.
    gxrmr's suggestion is working! Thanks a lot!

  • For me at Qt 5.4 beta again showing that problem. Though at project following lines are included but show error at android emulator but not showing any error at desktop run.

    qrc:///demos/maroon/content/SoundEffect.qml:45 ((null)): qrc:///demos/maroon/content/SoundEffect.qml:45: Error: Qt.createQmlObject(): failed to create object:
    W/Qt ( 1208): qrc:///demos/maroon/content/inline:1:1: module "QtMultimedia" is not installed

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