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Application does not start on Android virtual device ?

  • Hi,
    My Qt application start on real connected android mobile device correctly. but when i want to run on virtual device emulator , it starts successfully but my application does not run on it & i can not find it on virtual device.
    ( only Android OS on virtual device start)???? please help me.

  • I think you should run your program on the virtual device in a similar way you run your application on your mobile device.It doesn't automatically start.

    For example,my app's name was try8 and after I built the project I chose "Run" under "Build" in Qt Creator.Then the virtual device run and I clicked on an icon on the virtual device and now there are programs list.I clicked on try8 and it run.

    Did you try "Run" under "Build" in Qt Creator?It starts the virtual device and then you can see your program on virtual device(you should click on the right icon on os of virtual device to be able to see your app,just like you run your program on a real device)

    Also,are you sure that your firewall doesn't block Qt while deploying it to virtual device ?When my firewall is open, it warns me many times that qt is trying to establish a connection.If I don't allow it then it would not work I think.

  • yes, i do. my app start automatically on real device when it is connected but i can not see my app on virtual and do not start automatically.

  • In the last days,I had the same problem with one of my applications.I tried dropping the Max VM Application Heap Size of virtual device to 32 and my app started working.

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